• Jennifer Eure

New Beginnings this Spring

Whew!!! This is such a whirlwind of a time, but, boy, I am so thankful for the extra time I have

gotten to spend with my husband and two-year old. There is nothing sweeter to me than

hearing my little one’s laughter and excitement as he chases behind daddy’s “big” push mower

with his little bubble mower. We can never take for granted the special moments, and I am

learning to hold on tight to my toddler’s bear hugs just a little bit longer.

Spring always brings about a sense of new beginnings with the warm breeze and fresh smells. I hope that you have thought about the MPA’s newsletter as also being a sense of newness, welcoming change. Our goal has been to keep the members in the loop about upcoming events in one whole sweep every two weeks with little reminders on social media and our website as well. Please always invite other paralegals to come to a meeting/event to see what MPA has to offer. I challenge all of us to never stay stagnant but to always continue to learn and grow in our profession. This is especially true with more and more online tools having to become available during our world's current situation. We definitely will have to learn to grow and adapt to the new changes. MPA started 2020 strong and will finish 2020 strong. Even through all the hiccups everyone is experiencing right now, we cannot lose our faith and hope! I pray that you and your family stay strong and relentless through it all! Thank you, Jennifer Eure MPA Secretary


The terms paralegal and legal assistant are generally used interchangeable, like attorney and lawyer. MPA uses the word paralegal throughout its communication.