• Jennifer Eure

MPA Membership Thriving

Even during these unprecedented times, MPA is still thriving to the best it can be for its members. Membership is soaring even through it all. However, we do miss being able to see everyone's faces. MPA has so much to offer to its members, but we also need our members' help to keep us thriving. Tell your friends, co-workers, family members about how great MPA truly is. 

MPA provides CLE and networking opportunities, both of the utmost importance in our profession. Though, there are some who have never heard of MPA and all MPA has to offer. So, as you do your part social distancing, please do your part and spread the news of MPA. Invite them to a luncheon (once we're back together of course), invite them visit our website or facebook page, and finally encourage them to WORK AND PLAY WITH MPA!!

To all of our members, YOU are the BEST!

Thank you,

Olivia Bennett

VP of Membership


The terms paralegal and legal assistant are generally used interchangeable, like attorney and lawyer. MPA uses the word paralegal throughout its communication.