Hello all!

The Mississippi Paralegal Association had an exciting start to the new year, and it is my hope that 2020 will be MPA’s best year yet! Last year was a whirl-wind with Bylaw revisions, social media/website updates, and increased networking opportunities, which included the return of live-streamed CLE lunches and the Fall Vendor Fair at our annual Paralegal Day Seminar.

We had positive feedback from our Cocktails and CLE Membership Drive in Oxford in November and from our Meet the Board event last month. It is our goal to incorporate more networking and social activities into our monthly calendar, and we hope you will take advantage of the opportunity this will provide to our members. We have two upcoming events that I’m hoping to see members and prospective members alike attend this month. Our social for the month will be held on February 7th at River Hills Club at 6:00 p.m. and our monthly CLE luncheon on February 27th at The Capital Club at 12 p.m.

The return of a remote CLE viewing option has been a member favorite. If a member cannot join us remotely during lunch, MPA records the CLE so our members are guaranteed the number of hours required by NALA for certification renewal.

In my opinion, the biggest accomplishment in 2019 was MPA's new Sustaining Membership. This is a vendor membership for any and all businesses who want to network with our members during CLE lunches or social events and participate in our Fall Vendor Fair.

In addition to our networking and CLE opportunities, MPA hopes to expand our charitable contributions significantly. As many of you know, we support both the Jackson Women’s Homeless Outreach Program and StewPot Community Services.

The Jackson Women’s Homeless Outreach Program is usually in need of deodorants, lip balms, hand sanitizers, lotions, toilet paper, tissues, toothpaste, kids dental, crayons, and 1 oz. bottles. They also accept donations through multiple channels including their Go Fund Me page. Please visit their Facebook page to see specific current needs and more about how we can help with this important cause.

StewPot Community Services is always grateful for any canned good donations, but you can also support them financially through their website. MPA volunteers five times a year to serve lunch at StewPot Community Services in downtown Jackson as a part of their Business Fridays program. The soup kitchen began in 1981 with the food pantry taking root the following year.

As a nonprofit ourselves, we know how hard it can be to raise funds. These organizations are doing amazing work in our community, and I know our members are ready to go above and beyond to help them.

Thank you all for the opportunity to serve as your President in 2020. I hope to see you soon!

Thank you,

Christy Roberts, ACP

MPA President

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Updated: Jan 17, 2019

I am so excited to be posting to MPA's new website!! This website was designed to make all paralegals feel more a part of MPA. We heard you...many paralegals out of the Jackson area did not feel connected with MPA and for good reason.

This website was designed to make it possible for all members to have access to current information, post to the forum, and discuss issues. MPA is here to provide CLE for certified members and to help all paralegals advance in their profession. MPA's ultimate goal is to connect ALL Paralegals ACROSS the STATE and give us a loud and clear united voice on issues that affect our profession. So please feel free to speak and be heard!

I have hope and belief that this new website and forum will be the first step in creating a truly statewide organization!

Betty Todd, CP

MPA President 2018


The terms paralegal and legal assistant are generally used interchangeable, like attorney and lawyer. MPA uses the word paralegal throughout its communication.