How to become a paralegal/legal assistant:
To become a paralegal/legal assistant, one either receives formal education or in-house training. In Mississippi, there are several paralegal/legal assistant degree programs offered. One may obtain a Baccalaureate Degree in Paralegal Studies from a four-year college or university or obtain an Associates Degree in Paralegal studies from a junior or community college. Paralegals/legal assistants who have received in-house training as well as those who have obtained a formal paralegal education may take the Certified Legal Assistant (“CLA”) examination offered by the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. (“NALA”) to distinguish themselves as trained, successful paralegals/legal assistants. The opportunity for advanced certification of paralegals is also offered by NALA. But www.topspying.com spy cell phone unlike iphone 6s, there’s a forward-facing 1. For more information about the CLA examination, please click.

Certified or certificated?  There is a difference. Having a certificate from a school or other training program does NOT make one a CLA/CPA. For more information, please click.

MPA Information
If you would like more information regarding the Mississippi Paralegal Association, Inc. , please click


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