Cengage Learning, as a proud partner with NALA, is pleased to introduce the ‘NALA Certified Paralegal Professional Scholarship Award’ to recognize outstanding professional achievement and excellence in the legal field.

To be considered for the scholarship award, nominees must meet the eligibility requirements for the Certified Paralegal (CP) exam (as established by NALA and outlined on www. nala. org). Additionally, qualified professionals must be nominated by a NALA Affiliated Association. Als definitionsbereich für die oben genannten funktionen kann damit die gesamte menge der reellen ghostwriting zahlen verwendet werden. They must be currently working as a paralegal at the time of both the nomination and receiving the scholarship award, in a nonfreelance and/or non-contractor position, and have worked as a professional paralegal in a nonfreelance/non-contractor position for at least the past 2 simultaneous years. Each nominee must also have a separate professional reference.

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